The Lumia Challenge

Auf Wunsch von Nokia ist dieser Post in dieser Version auf Englisch verfasst. Die deutsche Version findest du hier.

A couple of weeks ago Nokia asked me, if I'd like to test the Lumia 920 from a photographer's perspective. A tough challenge, as many photographers even tend to talk 8.000-EUR-DSLRs bad. 

For such a test it's really important to lower expectations before you start. Because the Lumia 920 not a camera, but still a smartphone. And smartphones are great for everything - not just taking pictures. The pictures get better as new devices come out - but mainly because of the small sensor - they will never reach the quality of DSLRs.

So I did what I just wrote - I started in an unbiased way. When it takes great picture - great! If not, then not. What really came into focus was the german Carl Zeiss lense. To built in something such characteristic for quality must be some kind of statement. 

I tried to test it fairly. We all know that low light and high ISO is a big problem for all smartphone cameras - and in this Challenge it was not my focus to test out those extreme situations. I wanted to find out if the images that are shot in everyday situations are good enough. 

Despite some focus problems the Lumia 920 works pretty fine. (A software bug in my firmware causes those problems - it's not a big issue, actually). Photos can be taken with an extra button - it all works smooth and pretty fast. I liked that. 

And boy - the images look really great. The Lumia does it's job really good. For my tests I was looking for colors and contrasts to get the best environment. So I went to a place called "Wall of Fame". It's a short mile where sprayer's art is officially allowed and wished. The place is full of colors, full of saturation and was perfect for the Lumia. The very bright screen was always a good reference, but later I realized, that the screen was much more saturated than my iMac and I just adjusted some images to look more 'fresh'. 

Result: Smartphone users that love taking great pictures with an extra bit of quality will be really happy with the Lumia 920. The device is a bit heavy, but therefor it's grippy and feels safe in your hand. And the image quality - just look for yourself! Here are my photos. 

Daniel Edlauer

Neuss, Neuss, Germany

Wedding & Portrait Photographer | Lust for Life | Always on the run for the perfect shot.